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Hello, Beauty! Your visit will begin when you arrive at the Gildhouse building where my suite is located. It's stunning! When you enter, turn left. I am the first suite on the left, suite 102. If you see I'm finishing with another guest, give a quick knock to let me know you're here, and take a seat in the comfy chairs outside my suite. I'll be out to greet you soon!






















We will get started with a consultation. We will plan out what your goals are for this visit, and what your long term hair goals are. Next, we will come up with a plan to achieve those goals. I LOVE PHOTOS! Anything goes here. Photos of your hair when you liked it, photos of hair you don't like, dream hair. Bring them all!

If you are here for a color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded for future reference, and to keep a color history for your hair. There will be a variety of drinks and snacks offered while your color is processing, as well as phone chargers and outlets so you can work or relax as you see fit. Don't hesitate to ask for anything, I'm happy to assist.

 I will customize your haircut based on face shape, lifestyle, and overall goals. Tips and tricks are always shared so you can recreate your look at home. 


We will wrap up your visit by sharing recommendations for at home care and set you up for your next appointment. You may receive a follow up email within the week to ensure that your style is just as expected.

























When booking, if I have not seen you before and you are booking a haircut, please look for the New Client Haircut option. It should be listed first. This will allow us extra time for chatting about your goals. If you have any questions about which service you should book, please email me. I want to ensure we have all the time we need to complete the look you want!



You will receive an email reminder, and if you opted in, a text reminder. I require a 24 hour advance notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment. For cancellations less than 24 hours, there will be a fee of $20 per service. 

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